Insurance Chatbots are relatively a very new concept, but the need and the requirements of an automated customer’s query solving service have been in demand for quite a time. Insurance is a very complex and serious matter and insurance companies are seeing an upsurge in the awareness of getting insured in the general public.

The upsurge is mainly because of the commencement of the novel Coronavirus. All things said, this sudden increase in the potential customers has forced companies to use new technologies, in order to retain their existing customers and convert potential customers to an opportunity. 

While in their journey to buy Insurance, a customer looks for the best available option for which they look onto various websites, talk to various executives, and such, to make an informed decision.

During this journey, they will stumble upon various websites offering Insurance, and while going through these multiple offers it’s natural for a customer to get confused and might drop the idea for some later time.

To stop that from happening, Providing an agent to answer a user’s query, to help them get a clear image of the offer can greatly improve your chances of seizing the opportunity.

But providing Human agents for a large number of user queries, which also 24/7 is impossible. To help with this, Chatbots are very important. And with the help of conversational AI, the interaction between the user and a chatbot can be more Humane. 

Artificial Intelligence fueled Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) offer interested customers a consistent conversational interface to answer every query they have in their mind related to insurance.

Here are five of the key Conversational AI use cases for Insurance brands. 

1. Offer Policy Information and Answer FAQs 

Conversational AI is a compelling apparatus for data scattering. An AI Assistant basically works as an intuitive, conversational FAQ for your firm – registering user inquiries about various plans, arrangements, expenses, inclusion, and much more. 

An important benefit of utilizing an AI Assistant is that your clients can get instant solutions to their queries, day in and day out, without expecting to hang tight for ‘available time’s to get hold of a deal or customer care delegate on the telephone or email.

Conversational AI likewise guarantees that the data given is correct, steady, and fully informed regarding your association’s approaches and norms. 

2. Registering and Processing Claims – Insurance Chatbots 

With Conversational AI, the road toward documenting a case turns significantly quicker and more effective for clients. Rather than standing by to converse with a support delegate, a client can rather record the case whenever by talking with your AI Assistant on their cell phone.

The associate can immediately pull up the client’s data from your data set and take them through the case’s interaction in a quick and consistent way. 

3. Managing Policies 

Conversational AI can be extremely valuable with regard to assisting clients in managing their policies. For example, the AI Assistant can send alerts if a policy is getting expired soon to the clients and also suggest the new updated policies to choose from.

The way of submitting records and getting them confirmed likewise turns into a much simpler task – a client can just transfer the archives in the talk window and the AI can check it in practically no time, and acknowledge them or reject them if any irregularities or errors are found.

The assistant can likewise send updates about impending payments and improve on the payment cycle on the client’s favored channel. 

4. Making Recommendations 

An AI Assistant can fill perfectly in the role of a virtual insurance consultant for clients. Impersonating a real-life Insurance Chatbots consultant, can connect with the client in a discussion and ask them inquiries consisting of their necessities and assumptions.

Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the AI can accurately pinpoint the client’s aim by analyzing its interaction. In view of this, the colleague would then be able to make customized strategy proposals to the client. 

5. Upgrading Customer Support – Insurance Chatbots

As we examined before, an AI Assistant is not bounded by working hours or time limit and is available at the service of your clients around the clock. This is especially valuable with regard to issues that require instant resolve.

At the point when a client requires a moment reaction to a question or a quick goal of an issue with their approach, confronting the significant delay seasons of a client care helpline can be extremely disappointing. 

In situations where users require instant resolve to their inquiries if a delay is experienced by the user, the business-user relationship is greatly harmed. An AI Assistant helps insurance companies diminish the probability of this sort of regrettable experience.

Additionally, Conversational AI empowers you to increase your client service limit dramatically. As much as 80% of inquiries include similar daily schedules, dreary replies, or tasks.

The AI Assistant can flawlessly resolve these straightforward client inquiries and issues. When 80% of your client care is completely automated, you can adequately deal with a spike in client questions without the requirement for extra manpower. 


Conversational AI has ended up being an incredible resource for insurance companies, assisting brands with improving their user experience, increasing assistance, and driving conversions and sales.

If you run an Insurance company and want to funnel up all the possible leads and bring them to the conversion, you should opt-in for a free chatbot offered by our company.

You can visit and have a demo of the same by clicking here. But in case, you have any queries, you can either talk to our chatbot or can connect to us. The chatbot developed is named Yugasa Bot which uses AI and NLP to provide human-like interaction. 

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