Chatbot and its work: We all had listened about Chatbots and its work in the market nowadays. But still many of us are unaware of it. Now it’s a peak time in the market and most of the businesses are moving towards a digital platform so it is important to know about the chatbot. How does chatbot work and why does it give big opportunity and what are their advantages?

The Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that works like a human being and communicates like a natural human with the user. A user can communicate with a chatbot via text or voice as he talks with a natural person in life. 

The chatbot interprets the question of the user and answers immediately by its pre-set answer. It can be used in Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Skype, Instagram, Whatsapp, even on the website. They use by the person so that they can answer immediately with the help of the chatbot. The chatbot also has an application layer, a database, APIs, and Conversational User Interface (CUI)

It is said that the chatbot is like a representative of the company for the website, an individual’s presence on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc. It can’t do any mistake if you had set the things in the right way as a feature in the Chatbot. So, it is like a machine for the market that behaves like a natural human being.

There are three types of Chatbots:-

  1. Rule-Based Chatbots
  2. Intellectually Independent Chatbots
  3. AI-Powered Chatbots 

1. Rule-Based Chatbots  | Chatbot and its work          

 This is a very simple type of chatbot in which you have to click on a single button to interact with the people by the pre-defined options. These chatbots give few options to clarify the question and give relevant answers. These chatbots take time to provide the information to the user but have a longer period. These chatbots are best when it comes to qualifying your leads. The bot asks questions and the user answers them by using buttons. The chatbot analyzes the data and provides the answer to you in the best way. But if we see any advanced scenarios with the conditions or factors then these chatbots aren’t perfect to provide the best solution.

2. Intellectually Independent Chatbots | Chatbot and its work

           This type of chatbot is a machine learner and it uses Machine Learner (MI) to respond to the user by the input of the user. It prepares to answer and provide the correct information immediately. These chatbots are made and trained to understand the phrases and the keywords of the user, it triggers the bot and its reply to the user. They learn by the time and understand more accurately to answer the user. We can say that it is a training in which a chatbot has to train itself for better service for their user.

3. AI-Powered Chatbots | Chatbot and its work

           These types of chatbots are the combination of both intellectually independent chatbots & rule-based chatbots. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is a stimulation of human beings. 

These Chatbots understand the free language but it has some keywords without that it will not be able to provide the exact answer or solution to the user. They remember the context of the conversation and the preferences of the user and answer them immediately. They can jump from one point to another whenever needed and address the random user request at the moment. 

These Chatbots use Machine Learning (MI), AI, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and give a solution to the user. 

NLP simple means that a computer is talking to a human being but it should not feel like the two who are talking they are not a human being. This technology says that two human beings are talking but on the other side there is a computer machine.

What NLP’s role is Chatbot?

NLP involves two processes. One is NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and the second is NLG (Natural Language Generation). The difference between these two is NLU means the chatbot can understand the human and convert the text data into the structure form which helps the machine to understand easily while NLG means that it converts the structured data into text and provide that text to the user. 

This is what NLP does in the Chatbot. There are a few steps in the NLP mechanism:-

  1. Tokenization – it means that it spilled a sentence into different parts, words, or tokens by which the machine can understand and answer to the user easily.
  2. Part of Speech Tagging – This helps in recognizing the words like which is a noun, adjective, verb, etc. 
  3. Stemming – it shorts the word into its short form so that the chatbot can easily understand that word and provides the solution to the user.
  4. Named entity recognition – it finds the entities if the user used them in the text. 
  5. Sentiment Analysis – it is an ability that a computer or machine can recognize the emotions and mood of the user and it replies according to the mood of the user so that it can reduce some stress of then.

To read in detail about what NLP is click here

Now if we see how it looks if we see it as a viewer or user side. Then here is a small description.

The Chatbot usually has Conversational User Interface (CUI). CUI helps the user to interact with the computer or machine in its local language which they understand easily. By using these businesses can reach their customer easily and able to convince them for their product. Talking to a customer in their local language then it creates a positive impression and the chances increases that their sale will raise. 

The Chatbot can behave like a friend, like assistance for the client or the user of the chatbot. It advises you in the best way and it can behave like your mood and answer accordingly.

Why Chatbot is a great opportunity for the market?

As we all know that nowadays most people are using messenger apps to chat with their friends, family, office, etc. and they are habitual for this. So businesses understand this and provide an opportunity to the customers that they can interact with them at any moment and they will be there for them anytime. These are working more and giving positive responses in the market which is a positive sign for the market of the Chatbot. It is using by so many brands, businesses, companies, Facebook, etc. for their promotion and the connection with the customer. 

AI is coming and it is coming fast

Learn it, adopt it, stay ahead of your competition.