Voice Assistant Education: AI is impacting our lives in various ways. Right from showing personalized ads, which is where the majority of us encounter AI, to scientists determining the effects of global warming, AI has covered us from every possible angle. 

In the recent time, Chatbots and Voice Assistants, which has used AI technology as the core, are showing a lot of potential in connecting businesses to the users.

Even the governments are showing a lot of interest in these technologies, and one such example of governments using these technologies are query machines at India’s major railway stations and Airports.

The possibilities of these technologies are immense. But for today’s blog let’s narrow down the discussion to the use of Voice Assistant Education

In a gist, A Voice Assistant is a software that uses AI and NLP to talk back to a user. The main aim behind these Voice Assistants is to ease user’s lives and provide solutions to their queries in a more human way. 

Getting back to the topic, Training Institutes are a major part of a student’s life. The thought behind using a voice assistant is to make learning fun as opposed to complex tasks. And I firmly think that this can potentially be achieved using a voice assistant.

A great method of learning is through a game arrangement.  

Voice Assistant Education, A voice assistant can help learn various things in a fun way by organising a quiz for the students. Students sitting in the cafeteria or passing by through a corridor can play a short quiz which can teach them about their respective fields of interest through a quiz.

Mock tests are an ideal method of revising what you have effectively learned, recognizing flimsy parts, and so forth A test style mock test can pose explicit questions related to the student’s choice of subjects. 

The score can then be reached out by the students through the voice assistant and can see their performance in comparison to the other students

The principle idea is to assist the students with learning a topic. One method of doing this is by circling back to clarifications at whatever point they answer a question incorrectly. This can be a splendid option in contrast to conventional way learning. 

Competition will in general be an incredible incentiviser. A score based leaderboard where the students won’t just attempt to compete at the top yet in addition increment their odds of doing great in the assessments. 

The questions posed by the assistant ought not exclusively be restricted to what in particular is required to be in the tests. The voice associate can go about posing questions on general knowledge in order to teach them something new in every interaction

Most aggressive tests these days are time sensitive. The voice aide can be utilized to prepare students to more readily deal with their time and to support the user’s answering speed. 

The analysis is very significant to quantify if the user is really learning or not. The voice assistants can help give an overall stats to the user concerning which regions they need to develop and which areas they are good at. 

Another use case could be Lead generation of potential students who might be keen on joining a coaching class. The institutes can provide extra perks to students solely after the user gives their contact data. 

Each user is different, for instance, one might be inclined more towards middle age history and the other towards present day history. By implementing custom analysis the voice assistants can distinguish the solid and flimsy parts of a student which could then be utilized to offer modified learning courses as indicated by their level. 

The students will likewise have the alternative to remain updated about the upcoming tests, projects which might be expected and check their scores with no problem. 

Flash briefings can assist institutes with giving regular substance on a topic without any delays.

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