Customer Service Bots: Customer service bots are a way for customer service to automate and boost the workflow and create better CX.

While your team of agents could be tackling complex issues, customer service bots can spend most of their working time providing info about working hours, pricing, and password recovery, etc. 

Use cases Of customer service Bots Customer Service Bots

1) Answering Repetitive customer service queries

How often in a day do your customer care specialists answer questions like: 

“How would I reset the password?”, “What is the status of my request?”, “When will my order be delivered?”. 

All things considered, the examinations state that around 80% of the hour of the client support reps goes to redundant questions. No one wants to do the same tasks repetitively, and nor do your operators. 

customer assistance bots are superheroes of noting customers’ FAQ. Bots automate basic questions while your customer care specialists perform more mind-boggling errands.

2) For multichannel support to your customers

Customers want to reach the company on a convenient platform. While baby boomers might still contact support via phone and email, millennials expect brands to be available on social media. So, it’s no surprise that to provide great CX, clients demand multichannel support, and business has to adapt. 

Keeping up to date with all communication channels can be challenging. Moreover, just being available on different channels isn’t enough. 

Chatbots run on different platforms and devices, ensuring that you deliver consistent support to every client.

3) When you can’t provide 24/7 support

If a brand wants to provide excellent CX, which is 24/7 available then the company needs to have customer service reps working at night, weekends, and even holidays. But the problem with this is, it gets pretty costly very soon to operate. So the alternative to this problem is to

implement customer service bots to answer clients’ questions while your agents are at home relaxing and enjoying their weekends. So there will be no more those exhausting night shifts and holidays spent at the office for your customer service team. The chatbot help customers have their issues solved at day and night.

4) A bot is multilingual – Customer Service Bots

The customer service bot is an excellent choice if your customer base is from across the globe.

Instead of looking for customer service agents with bilingual or multilingual capabilities, you can train chatbots for those languages. Bots are a devoted student and can learn new words, expressions, and different languages.

5) Decreasing response time 

Modern customers are anxious, and they need instant and quick answers for their issues. Else, they will go to your rivals in the event that they require less exertion to connect with and offer quicker help. That squeezes your customer service agents. 

Customer service bots offer instant help. Bots needn’t bother with time to consider the inquiry to answer it, and they offer on-the-spot reactions to client demands. In this way, they’ll meet basic inquiries right away while client assistance specialists can take the time and consider more perplexing questions that require more opportunity to fathom.

“60% of customers expect an immediate response, and if they don’t get, they’ll find a company that will offer.” 

6) When you want to help customers solve their problems on their own

Did you realize that the greater part of the customers that get in touch with you have already attempted to discover answers all alone? 

As per Microsoft, 75% of respondents have utilized a web index to discover answers to support related inquiries before calling a specialist, and 74% have utilized a self-administration uphold gateway. 

Thus, if the client needs to discover the information all alone, why not help him. Bots can go about as an information base, giving data, responding to fundamental inquiries, and giving your clients the information they have to unravel their issue.

Utilizing service bots, you can make an intuitive self-improvement entrance for your customers, decreasing the need to contact your client care and improving their general CX.

7) When you need more context on each customer

Now and then, client demand is more unpredictable and requires a multi-department uphold. The client may need to go from one of your client delegates to others to fathom his issue. 

There isn’t anything more regrettable than making your clients rehash their issue on numerous occasions to your diverse client assistance reps. Also, chatbots offer an answer here too. 

You can utilize client care bots to speak with your customers, gather required data, assemble it in reports, and even course the call to the correct operator.

The client can disclose the issue to the chatbot. Next, the bot will gather notes, and dependent on models will conclude who is the best specialist for this individual to converse with. Bots will make notes and allot various labels to customers in your CRM, so next time a customer contacts your organization, you’ll have the option to get the full history of your correspondence. 

“80% of clients state that organizations don’t have the context of their last discussion” 

8) When you don’t want to stop the conversation with customers

Customer care bots are one of the most adaptable correspondence channels. While visiting with the chatbot, clients can stop and afterward continue the discussion from where they finished. 

For instance, if the customer got occupied from the discussion with your bot, they can return later and proceed with a similar discussion without beginning once again and clarify something very similar once more. 

In this way, your client assistance operators can inhale out. With client care bots, there is no requirement for your help group to review all the subtleties and settings of the past discussion. The chatbot keeps the discussion with the customer open, so the client support reps don’t have to remember the visit history and recollect when of the discussion the customer dropped off. 

9) When you need to understand the emotion of the customer 

Using speech recognition,, chatbots can comprehend clients’ feelings and take activities dependent on that. For instance, if a furious client contacts the help, the chatbot can perceive the feeling and associate the customer to the help operator quicker.

The chatbot can give client assistance reps “insights” of clients’ dispositions and feelings to assist specialists with understanding the unique circumstance and give clients a more close to home methodology. 

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