Everything about chatbot: As we all know that it is getting harder for a company to reach their old and new customers on the regular basis. Most of the companies follow their customers by mails but according to the research it is found that email open rate across industries is 18% approx and click-through rates are approx 1%. It simply means that more than 80% of clients don’t open their mail and if they opened it then they don’t even discuss it with someone. It indicates that if the mail is opening by someone then it is ignored by most of the clients.

If we see in the market then we will notice that there are a rise in social media and mobile applications and email is used only as a communication channel between a business and a client. It is observed that clients want to communicate with the business through messaging apps only. Today, people are using mobile applications to chat with friends, family, relatives, and family and to connect with different brands and they search their content on these applications only.     

For this problem, an application is introduced in the market i.e. A Chatbot. 

There are approx 300000 chatbots that have been used by Facebook. Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature in the market which is like you can host something with your friends and relatives. 

Nowadays there is a trend that people search the brands and prefer to shop with that application to which they can chat or contact. So, businesses are also trying to communicate with the customer and trying to target their audience by these applications. 

The Chatbot provides a facility for the brands to interact with their customers on a platform that their customers are using on daily basis. Social media enables the business to reach its customers very easily. It allows the business to reach billions of people and introduce their products all over the world. 

Now the question arises, what exactly a Chatbot is? 

A 1 is a service that is bounded by some rules and some Artificial Intelligence (AI). It behaves like a representative of a company. It communicates with the people via chat or voice and it feels like two persons are talking with each other. It is a computer-based program that works like a human being but some restrictions are there that they will answer only of those questions for which it is prepared before. 

Its Types…

It is known that the answers are set in the system and it behaves accordingly. It is important to know how it works and how it looks. 

There are three types of chatbots: – 

Rule-Based Chatbots

It is the simplest type of chatbot. In this, a user can interact with it by using buttons and predefined options. This chatbot requires that the user of this make few selections and get more relevant answers to questions. There are certain rules for these selections so that they will not get any irrelevant answers to their questions. This chatbot gives the information in more time that’s why it is called time taken chatbot. It is the slowest chatbot to guide their customers and take time in completing the desired goal. 

This chatbot is very good at providing and answering the basic questions of the customers. These chatbots ask few questions and you have to answer these questions by using buttons and chatbot to gather all the information and reply to you more effectively and according to your wants. But if it comes to a higher level with so many conditions and factors then this chatbot is not good and doesn’t provide proper information to the user.

Intellectually Independent Chatbots – Everything about Chatbot

This type of chatbot is based on machine learning which helps the business to answer their customers. It understands some keywords of the user and triggers the chatbot’s reply. It makes it easier for people to interact with the business anytime without having anyone on the other side. 

AI-Powered Chatbots

This is the most advanced chatbot. It uses machine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for remembering the keywords and the preferences of the customers. It can jump to others if you ask some other question and provide you information related to your content. It is easy and by this type of chatbot you can easily find out about any information in very little time.

If we see that for what chatbot can be used when there are so many fields where you can use a chatbot. It is an application whose goal is to make people’s life easier. Some of them are as follows: –

Chatbot in Healthcare – Everything about Chatbot

Healthcare chatbots help the patients by advising them according to their symptoms and tell them to take immediate steps. These chatbots make it possible that an individual can consult with a doctor and cure themselves on time even without going outside the house. 

Chatbot for customer use

If a customer is having any issue then they want an immediate solution for that then they are comfortable to chat with the business. Chatbot always helps the business to communicate and to advertise them in the market. There is a benefit of using customer using a chatbot in that they get an immediate reply and they get a solution to their problem.

Chatbot for Sales

It can help the business in their sales too. With the help of chatbots, a business can increase its sales. It helps for online shops and private individuals offering their services. Both help the customers for buying and the business to reach their target customers. 

Chatbot in delivery service

A chatbot helps in the delivery system. It becomes so much popular in delivery. The most common use of delivery in a chatbot is the food delivery system. It is very popular in society because it helps the people to order the food and the chatbot answer all the questions which customer ask for better service of food and get it in very less time. 

Chatbot in Shopping

A chatbot is very much helpful in shopping which increases the name of the brand in the market. Shopping is very much important for a human being. It is also known that people don’t have so many times to go to the market and do the shopping for their accessories. So, they use these applications for shopping. 

Chatbot for news media – Everything about Chatbot

The Chatbots are using by so many newspapers, magazines, and TV channels. It is a great solution if you distribute your content widely across the world. If you have any blog and you are uploading it to social media for publicity and the rise in the world. 

Chatbot in education 

A Chatbot is using in education too. They provide proper educational material for the students and provide them audios too to understand the topic properly. These bots make it possible that people are getting teachers at their home without going anywhere and the content makes them able to understand it. 

Chatbot v/s Apps

We all can compare chatbots to the applications but here are some points where we can compare them.

Apps are tougher to maintain

It is very tough for apps to maintain because they have to be updated. If it is not updated then it will not support the latest devices. 

No need to uninstall it

If you are using a chatbot then you don’t need to store so many apps in your phone for different things because it takes so much space and creates a problem too for the mobile phone. So, you don’t need to uninstall the application of chatbot.  

Better to deal with a no of chatbots than with tons of apps

It is also possible that you will not get the exact number of things which you want in one chatbot but you will find all those things in low no of chatbots than applications. So, it is better to deal with no of chatbots than with tons of applications.

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AI is coming and it is coming fast

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