Chatbot for Non-Technical people: Today every company wants that if their customer is facing any problem then they should solve it out by communicating with them. Their main objective is that they want a chance to solve their customer problem before they quit them. So they have introduced so many communicating channels to interact with the customer. The chatbot is one of these communicating channels. 

The chatbot is an artificial employee of the company. It is a technology that can answer customer calls in a single time. There is not a specific time for a customer that they will face any problem. So public demand for 24/7 facility and an employee can’t work 24/7. So chatbot is introduced in the market which makes the company capable to be available 24/7 for their customer service.

It can be said that the chatbot is a representative of the company. It is a first step which is filling the gap between the customer and the company. It should be sharp because it gives the first impression of the company to the customer. That’s why a company needs to ensure that it should be helpful and relevant. 

Introducing a chatbot is not enough because it should be trained or updated from time to time according to the need and demands of the customer. The training part can never end because change is a rule of the world. So a company has to ensure that their chatbot is improving constantly or not. 

Now here are some points to understand how to train your chatbot for non-technical people. Let’s see how to train and not get in any type of trap in the market.

Keep in mind your Target Audience

If we are talking about chatbot development then you must know your target audience every time. In simple words, you should know to whom you are going to communicate. 

It is very important to know because you have to build relevant bot flow, a tone of voice, language, and vocabulary. So first you have to decide your audience before making this application. You have to build the function and feature according to it in this. If you are not able to decide this then you should collect and analyze client data which you already have in your company. By doing this you can come to know about your target audience and will be able to give a proper chatbot to your company. 

You can consider so many things in designing your chatbot like gender, age, language, location, jobs, hobbies, buying behavior, etc. By all this, you can be able to categorize your customer and able to build a perfect chatbot which is going to represent your company in the market. There are different tastes of a different person so you should understand this and you have to think that your customer is not an individual so you have to consider all points in your mind.  

After all this, you have to see the request of your clients. Their point of view also matters because if you are thinking to make a chatbot for your company with as many as facilities then you have to visit your customers to understand their demand and providing them the same services. There are so many examples in the market that weren’t able to provide proper service to their customers with the help of a chatbot. This is also important to understand that it is not a human being who can manage the situation but it is a machine that will work according to your predictions and implement them in your chatbot application.

Categorize the Customer Request | Chatbot for Non-Technical People

After targeting your persona it is also important to categorize their request. You can’t treat everyone individually. There are some common questions from the customers but the answer is similar so you have to build the feature according to the categories of the consumer or customer request. 

So if you want that your app will not confuse in answering the questions of the customers. After finalizing this thing move to the next issue.

Create a Dataset for your Chatbot

It is also an important step that you are creating more and more datasets for your chatbot like user name. If you are adding the same type of questions differently then it will be easy for your chatbot to answer these questions.

You can do this thing in two ways. You can take the customer’s available data and train your chatbot according to that. It is said that most of the time the questions are the same by the different customers. So you can feature the answers based on this data.

You can do one more thing that trains your chatbot based on premade datasets. It simply means that you have to decide what questions or problems will your customer have. After this, you will prepare your chatbot according to this which will you for sure. You can go to another company’s website where you will get the issues of the customers and the solutions to that. This will also help you to train your chatbot. 

You have to decide this every time to update the features of your chatbot. So it is true that you will improve in time.

Test your Chatbot by Real Users | Chatbot for Non-Technical People

Before introducing this in the market teat your chatbot with real users so that if there is any need for change you will be able to that. The best way to test it is to make a conversation with it. You will be able to see answers of the chatbot too by this. You must keep in mind and check the given things while testing: –

  • Bots Flow
  • User Experience 
  • Response speed
  • Accuracy of the chatbot
  • Is it engaging to talk to a chatbot or not?

You can do this test with your co-workers because they know about this so they will make this easy to check the accuracy of the application. And other options are also there to take the public review. You can go to any crowded place, involve your real customer, hire a company to check the bot, etc. With thee options, it is easy to test it and edit its features before launching it in the market.

They also invent Chatbot for different companies. They train the chatbot according to the requirement of the company. They work on their principles as they talk with the client to discuss their requirements by the application or software. They believe that the application must be invented according to the client’s wish so that they will see the exact thing with the new and latest technologies in that application. They also make long-term relations with their customer so their prime responsibility is to provide proper features and functions in the applications. They provide services in many fields like web development, mobile applications, chatbot, etc. 

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