Chatbots and Email marketing: Pretty much every article about Chatbot technology proclaims the end of email marketing.

Why would that be? Artificial Intelligence experts are persuaded that communicatiing to your user through a chat is a preferable approach over email, and that email is dead. 

But whatever be the case or the opinion of these experts, Marketers are smarter, when it comes to marketing through various mediums.

We do realize that new technology has a huge load of significant worth, yet email is a long way from wiped out. Indeed, consolidating these two marketing and correspondence channels would be a ground-breaking option.

They together will boost deals and increase conversions. In this article we will examine Chatbots, their business value lastly how they can be incorporated into your email marketing strategy. 

What is a Chatbot? 

A chatbot is a sequence of pre-customized reactions based on user input, or AI, or a blend of both. 

Most chatbots works by replying to the users questions in a premeditated way, i.e, they already have stored answers for those questions and just presents them when a user asks them however some really proceed to gather data that the user requests. 

What would you be able to utilize a Chatbot for? 

Chatbots are adaptable to a lot of various tasks as you can program them to do in a real sense anything you need or desire. There are a ton of extraordinary ways that chatbots are utilized explicitly in web based business. Here are a couple of them: 

1. Utilize a Chatbot at checkout – Chatbots and Email marketing

Users can purchase your product on their phones utilizing a chatbot. They basically go on your facebook page and begin chatting.

The Chatbot would then be able to introduce a menu, offer customized discounts, answer their inquiries and eventually take their request. 

One of my favorite bots is called Yubo, it’s a chatbot that not only chats with the visitor of your website, but also collects the contact details of the visitor in a conversational way. It also reminds you to checkout the items left in your cart for a long time.

2. Utilize a Chatbot to help the user find the item they desire

Since Chatbots can look into data effectively you can utilize the innovation to help your user discover the item that they are searching for.

It’s can very easily be compared to an email with suggested items, you can send the chatbot on an item chase for the most viable things in your online store. 

Some organization is making it a stride further. They are utilizing Augmented reality (AR) to help their users discover things.

For instance, a user can snap a photo or video of their lips and the Chatbot will locate the right lipstick tone for them and permit them to get it on the spot. 

3. Consolidate Chatbot and Email Marketing 

Email has the maximum conversion rate over all the other marketing channels there is. In the event that you own an eCommerce business the most ideal path for you to assemble a client base is to fabricate an email rundown and afterward send customized messages with your item to your crowd. 

So how might you consolidate the Chatbot abilities and the email popup?  

A few group like to get an email while others like to visit. You need to show the two choices on your site to catch the two crowds. For the chatbot you would send week by week refreshes a similar way you would in an email. 

Chatbot and Email Marketing Collaboration 

So why muddle life? In the event that users are accustomed to accepting an email from you why, send them to a chatbot? These are absolutely substantial inquiries. Here are a few benefits of utilizing chatbots and email together: 

  • You have more access to your clients 
  • Clients can share your item on Facebook Messenger
  • Turns out extraordinary for individuals that uses Messenger more than they browse their email 
  • Takes individuals back to your site 
  • Chatbot popup can draw in individuals and afterward bait them to enter an email (tricky I know) 

Chatbot technology providers 

There are various Chatbot providers or builders, and among the World’s driving Plug and Play Chatbot suppliers is Yubo.

Yubo offers a unique mobile-shopping experience to your eCommerce customers.

It has the ability to extract real-time data, including spotting top discussed products’ features and real-time social trends, aimed at impacting upon, and influencing, the customers’ purchasing decisions.

If you want to find a Chatbot that understands your customers’ language and matches the best-fit product from your catalog then look no further than Yubo.

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AI is coming and it is coming fast

Learn it, adopt it, stay ahead of your competition.